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Available Cohort: 13
Six months of voluntary alcohol consumption in male cynomolgus macaques reduces intracortical bone porosity without altering mineralization or mechanical properties
Kuah AH, et al., Bone, April 2024
Cyno 13, Cyno 9

Effects of graded increases in ethanol consumption on biochemical markers of bone turnover in young adult male cynomolgus macaques
Sattgast LH, et al., Alcohol, Feb 2021
Cyno 13

Dose-response effects of alcohol on biochemical markers of bone turnover in non-human primates: Effects of species, sex and age of onset of drinking
Benton ML, et al., Bone Rep, Dec 2021
INIA Cyno 2, INIA Cyno 3, INIA Cyno 8, INIA Rhesus 1, INIA Rhesus 2, INIA Rhesus 4, INIA Vervet 1, INIA Vervet 2, INIA Rhesus 6a, INIA Rhesus 6b, INIA Rhesus 7a, INIA Rhesus 7b, Cyno 13, Cyno 9, INIA Rhesus 5, INIA Rhesus 10

Chronic Voluntary Ethanol Drinking in Cynomolgus Macaques Elicits Gene Expression Changes in Prefrontal Cortical Area 46.
Walter NAR, et al., Alcohol Clin Exp Res, Jan 2020
Cyno 13, Cyno 9