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Available Cohort: 9
Chronic Voluntary Ethanol Drinking in Cynomolgus Macaques Elicits Gene Expression Changes in Prefrontal Cortical Area 46.
Walter NAR, et al., Alcohol Clin Exp Res, Jan 2020
Cyno 13, Cyno 9

Chronic ethanol self-administration in macaques shifts dopamine feedback inhibition to predominantly D2 receptors in nucleus accumbens core.
Siciliano CA, et al., Drug Alcohol Dependence, Volume: 158 Jan 2016
Cyno 9

Voluntary Ethanol Intake Predicts -Opioid Receptor Supersensitivity and Regionally Distinct Dopaminergic Adaptations in Macaques
Cody A. Siciliano, et al., The Journal of Neuroscience, Volume: 35 Issue: 15 April 2015
Cyno 9

Monkey Alcohol Tissue Research Resource: Banking Tissues for Alcohol Research
James B. Daunais, et al., ALCOHOLISM: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTALRESEARCH, Issue: DOI:10.1111/acer.124 June 2014
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