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Due to its inconsistent compatibilities with web standards, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is specifically not support by MATRR. IE users will mainly experience incorrectly displayed elements on pages, although it is possible for them (while handling forms) to see Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed error. The error partially depends on local browser settings. So far, we identified this issue with default settings of 64-bit version of IE 6 or higher.

Possible solutions:
  • Go to supported browsers to learn more about alternatives to Internet Explorer including IE plug-in.
  • Try our alternative university based domain.
  • Enable third-party cookies for in your web browser. See description below.

Second and third solutions won't help you with appearance issues, but they will bypass the problem, thus you will be able to properly fill any form.

Enabling third-party cookies


How to enable third-party cookies in your web browser

for instructions on how to enable third-party cookies on most browsers.

An example how-to for IE 7 on Windows:

  • Click the "Tools" menu
  • Click "Internet Options"
  • Select the "Privacy" tab
  • Click "Sites"
  • Add "" and click "Allow"
  • Click "OK"
  • Select the "Accept" button under "Third-party Cookies" and click "OK"