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Available Cohort: 14
Behavioral Flexibility in alcohol drinking monkeys: the morning after
Shnitko TA, et al., Alcohol Clin Exp Res, Issue: Epub ahead of print Jan 2020
INIA Rhesus 14

Chronic Alcohol Drinking Slows Brain Development in Adolescent and Young Adult Nonhuman Primates.
Shnitko TA, et al., eNeuero, Volume: 2 Issue: 6 April 2019
INIA Rhesus 4, INIA Rhesus 6a, INIA Rhesus 6b, INIA Rhesus 7a, INIA Rhesus 7b, INIA Rhesus 5, INIA Rhesus 10, INIA Rhesus 14

Low cognitive flexibility as a risk for heavy alcohol drinking in non-human primates
Shnitko TA, et al., Alcohol, 2018
INIA Rhesus 14