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Available Cohort: 2
Effects of alcohol on c-Myc protein in the brain
Akinyeke T, et al., Behavioral Brain Research, Issue: Epub ahead of print Mar 2017
INIA Vervet 2

Changes in nonhuman primate brain function following chronic alcohol consumption in previously naïve animals
Rowland J, et al., Drug Alcohol Dependence, Volume: 177 Aug 2017
INIA Vervet 2

Erratum to: Multi-Atlas Library for Eliminating Normalization Failures in Nonhuman Primates
Maldjian JA, et al., Neuroinformatics, Issue: 14 September 2016
INIA Vervet 2

The effects of chronic alcohol self-administration in nonhuman primate brain networks
Telesford QK, et al., Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, Volume: 39 Issue: 4 April 2015
INIA Vervet 2

Vervet MRI Atlas and Label Map for Fully Automated Morphometric Analyses
Maldjian JA, et al., , Issue: Epub ahead of print May 2014
INIA Vervet 2

Monkey Alcohol Tissue Research Resource: Banking Tissues for Alcohol Research
James B. Daunais, et al., ALCOHOLISM: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTALRESEARCH, Issue: DOI:10.1111/acer.124 June 2014
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The effects of alcohol on the nonhuman primate brain: a network science approach to neuroimaging.
Telesford Qawi K, et al., Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, Volume: 37 Issue: 11 Nov 2013
INIA Vervet 1, INIA Vervet 2