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Available Cohort: 1
Monkey Alcohol Tissue Research Resource: Banking Tissues for Alcohol Research
James B. Daunais, et al., ALCOHOLISM: CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTALRESEARCH, Issue: DOI:10.1111/acer.124 June 2014
INIA Cyno 1, INIA Cyno 2, INIA Cyno 3, INIA Rhesus 4, INIA Rhesus 5, INIA Rhesus 6a, INIA Rhesus 6b, INIA Rhesus 7b, INIA Rhesus 7a, INIA Cyno 8, INIA Rhesus 1, INIA Rhesus 2, INIA Vervet 1, INIA Vervet 2, Assay Development, INIA Nicotine Cyno 11, Cyno 9, INIA Rhesus 10

The effects of alcohol on the nonhuman primate brain: a network science approach to neuroimaging.
Telesford Qawi K, et al., Alcoholism, clinical and experimental research, Volume: 37 Issue: 11 Nov 2013
INIA Vervet 1, INIA Vervet 2

Atlas-guided segmentation of vervet monkey brain MRI.
Fedorov Andriy, et al., The open neuroimaging journal, Volume: 5 2011
INIA Vervet 1