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MATRR Definitions
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Before you start, know this important thing about the dates: Throughout the system a wide variety of dates is used. Helper function get_date_from_steve() in is generally capable of parsing any format; however, I had to add couple of methods myself and update existing one to the new API - so be prepared.

Parsing date from the integer may be very tricky. If you have a number, say 40555, it could be a 2015 or 2011 year depending on what you choose as a base year 1900 or 1904. Steve so far always used 1904 base. Libre Calc (excel) uses 1900 base which leads to **WRONG** date when you look at the spreadsheet. So be cautions. If you are not sure - check the file names - often they contain some clues.

MATRR Framework - How the servers are setup, any manual library changes, etc.
MATRR Development - MATRR project documentation
Header colors - What the colors at the top of the website mean
Production Environment - What you need to know to use the production environment (and soon the dev environment)
Push to Production
Push to Production II
Data Import notes
Data Import II notes
Database Restore notes
Git stuff
Cron jobs
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How to use the dev site

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